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Rate your doctor

First Opinion is a rapidly growing telemedicine app that makes it easy to talk to a doctor. I worked closely with company leadership, product managers, engineers and a physician to build this feature and ensure the experience was top notch.


Doctor ratings are critical for First Opinion to know how well doctors are helping users, and how the overall service can improve. Before launching this version, we had a 1-5 star rating scale with a text area comments field. We noticed most ratings were polarized as positive or negative, and people who rated the experience as negative rarely commented.

Video call between a doctor and a patient on the First Opinion mobile app


Because user ratings that were positive or negative were useful for our team, and neutral ratings weren’t as useful—I replaced the star scale with “liked it” or “disliked it” buttons to capture how the user felt about their experience overall. I did research on other app rating systems, and considered several icon options for the two buttons. Thumbs up/down icons didn’t seem right because they felt too close to a social interaction, and heart icons seemed overly dramatic for the level of emotion being stated. Smile/frown faces worked well because they captured positive or negative sentiment, and the right level of emotion.

A short list of common responses was also added to the feature to allow users to select what was, or wasn’t, working. We also kept the open comments field so we could capture anything else users might want to say. This new layout made it much easier for users to provide us with a quick piece of feedback, so we could make our doctors aware of how to improve.

Video call between a doctor and a patient on the First Opinion mobile app
Video call between a doctor and a patient on the First Opinion mobile app


The new rating system increased the amount of feedback we were receiving significantly. With the old system, only around 10% of users who rated the experience negatively would tell us why. With the revised ratings 65% gave us at least one reason why. This allowed us to identify pain points within the user experience and provide higher quality feedback to our doctors.

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